Angullong Vineyard is a family property that includes a vineyard and cattle grazing operation near Orange, NSW. The business has been involved in the NSW Farms of the Future program since mid-2019, data from this property has now been collected and will be analysed. 

The vineyard has in-field moisture probes, sensors for vine grow rate determination, and weather stations. The grazing business has benefited from water tank level sensors, water flowmeters and automated cattle weighing solutions. 


All of the installations are supported by whole of enterprise in-field WiFi connectivity, including two river pumps, pump sheds, offices and houses. 

Connectivity Types

  • In Field Devices: LoRaWAN, Cellular & Satellite

Devices and Solutions

  • Water tanks, troughs and bores
  • Weather stations 
  • Cattle weighing – Optiweigh 

Pricing Model 

  • Standard supplier subscription


  • Farmbot, Optiweigh Goanna, ICT International M&W Blayney 
  • Apps, Dashboards & Analysis Dashboard: Pairtre and suppliers 

Content Sources and Further Information

NSW DPI Agriculture