Argyle Cattle Company (Ben Mills)

Shamrock Station is a 100,783-hectare property within the Argyle Cattle Company Group. This station is located in the Kimberley, Western Australia, 160km south of Broome.

Considering the size and location of the property, 100% in-field connectivity saturation using solutions such as LoRaWAN are not currently cost-effective. As such, Shamrock Station has strategically installed 50 water monitoring IoT devices that each have a dedicated satellite connection for connectivity.

The focus of this IoT installation was water monitoring.


The Solution

Connectivity Types

  • In Field Devices: Satellite
  • Homestead/Office: Satellite

Devices and Solutions

  • Farmbot – 40 Water Points
  • Farmbot – 10 Water Bores


  • Data is owned by Argyle Cattle Company

Pricing Model

  • Standard


  • Farmbot

Apps, Dashboards & Analysis

  • Smart Phone App: MyFarmbot
Proven Benefits / Value Proposition
  • Time saved not checking water as frequently, that can be diverted to other uses
  • Using trended water data to identify leaks that a single bore run spot check in time would miss
  • Supporting operation planning and decisions made by bore runners (upskilling opportunities)

Content Sources and Further Information

Case Study – Ben Mills, Shamrock Station, WA – Farmbot – water monitoring made easy