Before you Buy

The decision of what sensors to buy may have been made as well as which company will supply. However, before you buy it is worth having a final thought process about some areas of digital tech ownership and integration that are not always obvious or promoted.

  • Seeking the opportunity to try before you buy is worthwhile. This may be more applicable to situations where multiple devices are required to make an installation worthwhile and would represent a larger CAPEX/ OPEX cost. Knowing that the device will provide the outcome required before making large purchases is likely to be sound business.
  • Time and effort into training in the use, maintenance and output of devices is needed. Enquire with the provider about what they offer in this space.
  • Ongoing service and support is required for long term installations. Understand how the support services work for your devices to ensure you have the access required.
  • Ensure what the data ownership and security fits with your requirement. Understand the access opportunities are should you wish to share data within your broader business, with neighbours or others in a group environment.
  • Understand clearly what the data backup procedures and requirements are for the provider that has been selected. This can vary in type and frequency.
  • Is there an ability to upload historical data to the new platform? The addition of historical data to new data sets will expand the potential outcomes when they can be analysed together.
  • A clear understanding of ongoing data costs is a must. Avoid being presented with an invoice that is an unexpected cost or risk losing data and coverage time when devices are closed down due to payment requirements and disagreements.
  • Ask the provider what exactly they need to know about you and your property or business. There may be a small amount of background information they will need to have, to better complete your job e.g. farm map.