Benefits of Electronic Record Keeping

What is AgriWebb?

AgriWebb is an online platform that enables producers to manage their businesses from end to end as displayed by the following graphic.

AgriWebb Customer Benefits

The average livestock business benefit varies from a total improvement average of $60k, to a Medium of $185k.

Benefits of Electronic Record Keeping
  • Reduced risk of lost historic records.
  • Data/information can easily be provided to advisors and other third parties.
  • If prepared correctly, the AgriWebb system can work in the field where there is no connectivity, so that minimised inputs are required.
  • Automated Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) updates can be provided based on age, weight records, and feed consumption.
  • You can keep an up-to-date record of paddocks that are in withholding periods, as well as livestock and paddock treatment records.
  • Chemical use integration (including chemical stocktake)
  • Weather integration (with rain gauges)

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