DigiMesh in Agriculture 

DigiMesh (XBee and XBee3) are all communication protocols from Digi International, an American Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology which is being used by Australian providers such as Origo.Farm. 

One of the many successful installations for Origo.Farm is at Murchison House Station (MHS). MHS, comprises of 350,000 acres and is one of the oldest pastoral stations, located just 12 kilometres east of Kalbarri in Western Australia (and 650km north of Perth). 

With only 50GB per month of internet to the office/homestead and no connectivity around the majority of the station, Origo.Farm installed the following: 

  • Office/homestead network (for high speed and large data office and lifestyle needs) 
  • In-field connective networks (to enable IoT installations, including cameras and remote gate operations). 

The office network now provides unlimited data to the homestead allowing for remote schooling, gaming, streaming media and office activities. 

The in-field network has enabled the installation of weather and water monitoring (at a number of locations), livestock monitoring at water points via 24 hour video surveillance, and remote gate activation when harvesting wild goats. 

The below video of Murchinson House Station (by Annie Brox) demonstrates the remoteness that is now less remote from some perspectives with the installed office/homestead and infield digimesh IoT network.