An introduction to digital UHF (ultra high frequency)

Digital UHF can be used for more than just two-way radio communications. The digitalised UHF system enables clear and quick widespread communication from anywhere on the property to anywhere in Australia or overseas, through the use of a handheld device. 

Digital UHF devices enable:

  • Private and group phone calls
  • Text messages 
  • Brief emails 
  • Emergency notices

A digital UHF device allows for quick response times, improving staff safety (including GPS and speed monitoring built into every handset), and enabling greater knowledge and efficiency for managers. Ms. Gina Rinehart’s cattle group installed a system at their Fossil Downs station. Learn more here

The digitised devices mean that a station manager inspecting cattle at the far-most point of say Ruby Plains station in northern Australia for example, can in a few seconds, speak directly with his station staff, located in thier head office over 2,500 kilometres away in Adelaide or to a customer in Tokyo over 6,000 kilometres away. [Source] 

The Fossil Downs solution was provided by a Perth based company, whom had previously installed similar technology within the Hancock mining group operations.