Connectivity Explained – Sigfox

What is Sigfox? 

Sigfox is another LPWAN service, like that of LoRaWAN. The infrastructure and hardware components of Sigfox are like that of LoRaWAN from a perspective of IoT devices in the field, SigFox communicates to a gateway, and in turn, the gateway communicates the IoT data to the cloud. 

Note: A Sigfox device and a LoRaWAN device are not compatible with respect to communicating through each other’s gateways (by default). 

Australian Provider 

Within Australia, Thinxtra is the owner and operator of the public 0G Network. A list of Thinxtra Sigfox devices and IoT partners can be located on the Sigfox website. Thinxtra also offers Global 3G/4G Cellular IoT device solutions to complement those devices on a Sgifox LPWAN network. 

Sigfox Coverage Map & Explanation Video 

Sigfox provides a global coverage map, including Australia (depicted below) at the following Link. The blue areas are current live coverage. 









However, if your business is not covered currently, you can acquire coverage by the installation of the Access Station Micro, with a single micro station coverage providing a service for hundreds of square kilometres. 

Sigfox in Agriculture 

The Sigfox global website provides a range of use cases and information on the leveraging of the sigfox network and associated devices (link). These applications include:

  • weather monitoring 
  • tracking and managing herds (eventually virtual fencing)
  • soil condition monitoring 
  • silo and tank level monitoring 
  • grain stock and building temperature monitoring
  • gate and door open or close status 
  • temperature monitoring (food and others) beehive health monitoring 

Content Sources and Further Information

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