Connectivity Explained – Taggle

What is Taggle?

Taggle is another LPWAN service and is similar to that of LoRaWAN from the perspective of IoT devices in the field. The IoT devices communicate to a gateway/base station, and in turn, the gateway communicates to the IoT date to the cloud. The system topography and more information can be found here.

Taggle in Agriculture

The Australian provider of the Taggle service is Taggle. In addition to using LPWAN, Taggle can also configure other sensors into their network offering. The Taggle website provides a range of agriculture application examples. These include:

  1. Irrigation monitoring (keeping fertiliser and pesticides on the farm)
  2. Weather stations (to avoid mobilisation costs)
  3. Automated metre readings (water)
  4. Calf alert technology

Other applications include pressure flow levels, water and air quality readings, electricity consumption, weather, odour and gas monitoring.