Dashboards, apps and data analysis are all keys to getting the maximum from any digital agriculture investment. When the term dashboards is used, it is typically referring to a system accessed via a PC or laptop whilst apps are accessed using a smartphone or tablet. However, the two terms can be used interchangeably on either type of the two device categories. 

The first aim of a dashboard is to provide an overview of all the digital devices and solutions you have installed in a single place (ideally) to report their status. Secondly, the dashboards can trend historical device and solution data. Advanced apps can enable the end-user to undertake forecasting activities (either predicted by the dashboard provider) and/or with input from the end-user. 

Dashboards/apps also enable the end-user to check the status of the business when remote from the business location. Some solutions also enable the ingestion of 3rd party data such as the Bureau of Meteorology, Industry statistics (i.e. EYCI – Eastern Young Cattle Indicator). 

The videos below provide useful information on how dashboards can present your information.  




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