Devices & Solutions

There are many readily available devices and solutions currently in the market. Depending on the desired outcome, producers could implement one device or a group of devices. The key is to find a device or solution that addresses your identified problem.

Some tips include:

Identify how and where would you like to make life easier or more efficient?

  • Make a list of where you spend most of your time, as well as any particular areas or items of your farm/business you want to measure or monitor.

Try to understand the language

  • You will come across numerous terms, acronyms and statements for the first time. Seek out a glossary of the terminology and ensure you understand it or have it on hand when looking for devices.
  • Check out our Glossary of Terms as a reference point for your digital technology journey.

Consider how frequently do you need the data?

  • Consider how often you would like to see the data that devices are collecting displayed. e.g. daily, monthly? This may dictate which device or supplier you go with.

Consider how do you want to view the data?

  • Data or information from devices can be shown in many ways. Some suppliers will offer desktop PC dashboards or apps for your smartphone or tablet. Ensuring that you can easily access the data you want at any given time is important. The dashboards/app view may be able to be customisable to suit you.
  • Look at a variety of examples from multiple suppliers to get an idea of what works best for you. Make sure it is user friendly and gives you the opportunity to share with others if required (such as agronomists etc).

It may take time to identify a solution

  • Every situation is different. Whether it is geography, business size, access to capital, or access to technology, it is important that you take time to ensure the solution you are investing in is the right fit for you and your business. Identifying your value proposition is extremely important before purchasing a service or device.

Consider your Budget limitations

  • When considering a device or service there are a few costs to consider. The initial cost of purchase, pre-installation costs, installation costs, ongoing service costs, and monthly dashboard/data access costs. It is important to ensure you are aware of all the upfront costs and ongoing costs for any given device or service.

Discussing your options within your preferred grower group, friends, neighbours or with an experienced consultant can be helpful in identifying the right IoT device or solution for you and your business.