Llanelli Farm (Ben Moran)

Llanelli Farm is a 1,300-acre property located in Bathurst, New South Wales. Llanelli primarily breeds ewes, lambs and also runs a growing operation.

The property base is mountainous land comprising eleven dams and three water tanks. The focus of this AgTech installation was water management and livestock tracking.


The Solution

Connectivity Type: In Field Devices: LoRaWAN

Devices and Solutions

  • Brand: Farmdeck – 28 Water Tank Sensors
  • Brand: Farmdeck – 9 Water Trough sensors
  • Brand: ICT International – 2 Weather Stations
  • Brand: Brand: Hikvision – 2 Cameras

Apps, Dashboards & Analysis

  • Smart Phone App: farmdeck


  • Data is owned by Llanelli Farm

Pricing Model

Farmdeck pricing model

Providers & products:

  • Farmdeck
  • Custom High Frequency RFID tags
  • Cisco – LoRaWAN & camera
  • Semtech sensors
Proven Benefits / Value Proposition
  • Time saved not checking water and checking livestock as frequently (Link)

Content Sources and Further Information

outcomex – Llanelli Farm