Redhill Farm (Luke Bowman)

Redhill is a 2,400-hectare property located in Barraba, a town 90 kilometres north of Tamworth, New South Wales. Redhill primarily runs 600-700 breading cows.

Water sensors have been installed on 8 tanks and 50 troughs across the property. Installing a device like a water sensor can increase efficiencies and eliminate the need for daily water checks.

The focus for installing these sensors was to efficiently manage the water across the property.

The Solution

Connectivity Type

In Field Devices: LoRaWAN

Devices and Solutions                                                                            Apps, Dashboards & Analysis

Water Tanks: Qty = 17 (ICT International)                                                 Smart Phone App: Farmdeck

Water Troughs: Qty = 1 (ICT International)                                               Data

Data is owned by Redhill Farm

Provider(s)                                                                                                 Pricing Model

Farmdeck                                                                                                            Farmdeck pricing model

Cisco – LoRaWAN

Proven Benefits / Value Proposition
  • Detect a water leak early
  • Improve time efficiency
  • Minimise unnecessary stock movement

Content Sources and Further Information

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