Regional Tech Hub

The Regional Tech Hub has been established to assist farmers and people who live and work in regional, rural, and remote parts of Australia to realise the benefits of being digitally connected.

Digital connectivity is an increasingly essential part of life – important not only for social connectedness but also for operating a business and accessing essential services like health and education. For those who live and work in areas outside of our major cities and towns accessing and troubleshooting phone and internet connectivity can be more complex for a range of reasons.

The Regional Tech Hub has been established in response to the Regional Telecommunications Review’s findings and is made possible through the Australian Government’s Stronger Regional Digital Connectivity funding package.

This initiative recognises the unique technological operating environment in regional Australia and will help to ensure that regional Australians are supported to realise the benefits of connectivity. The hub provides independent information about available technologies, and assistance to navigate the often-confusing world of troubleshooting.

Visit the Regional Tech Hub, give the Hub team a call on 1300 081 029 or connect via their Facebook or Twitter.