Stoney Creek Farm (Mick Willott)

Stoney Creek farm is a 500-hectare property located in Bathurst, New South Wales. Stoney Creek primarily runs 100 breeding cows and several hundred sheep.

With the property divided by a public road, Stoney Creek has a large electric fence running for 1.4 km. This fence uses in-field LoRaWAN connectivity and sends alerts and notifications to a dashboard. These sensors have been installed on water tanks and troughs, quadbikes, and small vehicles. These sensors monitor vehicle roll-over, accidents on-farm and water levels.

The Solution

Connectivity Types:

  • In Field Devices: LoRaWAN
  • Homestead/Office: NBN

Devices and Solutions:

  • Brand: Farmdeck – 5 Water Tank Sensors
  • Brand: Farmdeck – 2 Water Trough Sensors
  • Brand: Farmdeck – 5 Electric Fence Monitoring Systems
  • Brand: Digital Matter – 5 Vehicle GPS tracking devices


  • Data is owned by Stoney Creek Farm

Pricing Model


Apps, Dashboards & Analysis

  • Smart Phone App: Farmdeck
Proven Benefits / Value Proposition

Content Sources and Further Information

Using IoT for farm management and improved safety at Stoney Creek